A bluffing game in which everyone has to lie, because nobody knows the truth!

3-6 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 20 minutes
Designer: Spartaco Albertarelli
Artist: Zona Evon Shroyer

Publisher: HeidelBÄR Games

At the start of the game, every player receives 3 Peek cards – These allow you during the game to take a look at a card in the center of the table, but also serve to determine the winner: everytime you lose a challenge, you discard one of them, and when you lose all 3 of them, you’re out of the game! The last player to remain in the game will be the winner!

Each round, players receive a playing card to place in front of them in a card stand, with the back facing to you, so you won’t know the value depicted on the card. Additionally, one card is placed facedown in the middle of the table.

You’ll have to try to estimate the total value of all the cards in play: only your opponents’ cards are visible to you, your own card and the card on the table are unknown, although you may flip a Peek card face down to take a look at the card on the table.

On your turn you either raise the bid done by the previous player, or, when you think the total value is less than the number declared by him, you may challenge the bid.

When there’s a challenge, you reveal every card in play and total their values. If the value is less than the previous bid, you win the challenge and flip a Peek card face up. Otherwise you lose and must discard a Peek card.

The game continues this way until there’s only one player left who has Peek cards in front of them, and that’ll be the winner!

Coyote is a fun bluffing game that’s quick to set up and easy to explain, with a short playing time that’s just perfect for this type of game. The cards come with beautiful and unique illustrations and are, just like its predecessor ‘Spicy’, finished with metallic foil.
Overall, this is a very enjoyable game that we thoroughly enjoyed playing – and I easily see this game hitting the table very often when we’re in the mood for a light filler!

The game also comes with a Trickster variant to spice things up when you’re already familiar with the basic rules!

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