Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon

Draw a pentagram and start your chants, you might draw the attention of a demon and summon him. If he likes what you’re doing, it’s possible you’ll be rewarded with demonic powers, treasures and relics.

2-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 40 min/player
Designer: Kristian Karlberg
Artwork: Andrzej Masianis

Publisher: Demonic Games

During their turn players place one of their followers on an action spot to collect resources in the world, recruit new followers or close a pact in the world’s edge, try to get the demon’s attention, or worship them.
The play area is made up of 3 regions. The world, where players collect resources by blocking spots that add up to the cost of actions in the world’s edge when they are left unused. The world edge is formed by cards where followers can be recruited, and when all on a card are recruited, it flips and reveals a new action spot for more resources or the ability to close a pact. The way the action spots determine the cost ensures a constant search for balance between what players need and what they will unlock for other players to take.
The Scry and Dark boards are the place to get attention and conjure demons, which will help players get more followers. Worshipping the appeared demons will give them demonic powers, treasures and relics, granting permanent powers, extra resources at the beginning of the round and personal action spots. These cards give the players a fixed amount of points, while pact cards on the other hand are goal cards, whose points are determined by how many times you meet the requirements on the card.

Goetia seems a bit dark themed but don’t let that fool you. The mechanics underneath are those from a euro style game: collecting resources, spending those to get new followers and fulfill the orders, which in this case is worshipping demons and receiving their approval. The way the available action spots influence the cost works very well and feels as a refreshing way to keep the focus on not giving actions to your opponent. Overall Goetia is a very solid medium-weight eurogame with a unique theme!

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