In this game, set in the Sagani-universe, players take on the role of the children of nature, wandering around the wilderness to discover the most precious tunes, and forge these into sound discs by completing tasks in the Temple of Clouds.

1-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Artwork: David Cochard

Publisher: Skellig Games

Armonia is a dice-based game: on their turn, players are allowed to roll the dice up to three times after which they, depending on the result, will be able to move their sound discs over the paths in one or more of the six areas. Each different path corresponds with one of the die values, and the more of the same value, the further you will be allowed to travel.
At the end of a path players reach the temple, after which the first task is revealed. Temple tasks show a certain dice configuration that players will need to have at the end of their roll, before they can move onto the next task. The first player who manages to complete two tasks in four different areas, is the winner of the game.

This is a completely different game than we’re used to from Uwe Rosenberg. Although Armonia is set in the same universe as Sagani, and comes with the same cute artwork, both games come with completely different gameplay: whereas Sagani is a strategic tile placement game, Armonia is more luck-based – yet the puzzle aspect is still present, with players having options to form different sets or shapes with their dice, either to advance on the paths or to fulfill tasks.
And it’s that combination – a portion of luck mixed together with a bit of a puzzle aspect, that makes Armonia for me an ideal game to close a gaming night with!

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