The Palaces of Carrara (2nd Edition)

The Royal Palace has commissioned the noble families to beautify the region’s largest cities with marble found in the quarries of Carrara. You play the game as the head of one of those families, building palaces, libraries and other buildings and decorating them with objects and statues to give them a prestigious look!

2-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 90 minutes
Designers: Michael Kiesling & Wolfgang Kramer
Artwork: Franz Vohwinkel

Publisher: Game Brewer

The crowdfunding campaign for The Palaces of Carrara (2nd Edition) launches on December 6th on Gamefound:

On their turn players choose one of four possible actions: buy marble, construct a building in one of their towns, score to earn money and/or points, or pass and take 2 coins. When buying marble or adding a new building, everything depends on the color of the chosen blocks: prices vary and cities only demand buildings built with certain colors.

This second edition changes the use of the decorations and the scoring system. Now players can collect decorations or statues when they buy all the marble in one section of the wheel instead of getting them during scoring. When they are put on a building of the same type, they’ll give the player extra’s during scoring. The scoring pawns are put on a bonus board during set up and when scoring the player will receive the bonus depending on the pawn they choose, giving the other players one opportunity to collect the same bonus on their following turn.

The game now also comes with an advanced version of the game in which you can erect statues in your cities; these offer a new option for scoring points and collecting coins.

The Palaces of Carrara is a game with that classic Kramer & Kiesling-vibe: easy to learn and quick turns, but tense gameplay and plenty of interesting decisions to make. After all these years the dynamic market still feels very fresh, with the additions made in this second edition giving even more possibilities.

Another important point is the timing when to score: do you wait until you have built an extra building at the risk that another player scores before you, just so you can buy extra bricks, especially now the ones you need are so cheap?!

I feel like this should deserve a spot in any eurogamer’s collection!

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