Inspired by our ever-evolving planet and the increasing importance of sustainable energy, Powerline is a game that brings the challenge of connecting cities to new sources of energy production to life. Designed by Dirk Henn, this game embraces the spirit of change and innovation while engaging players in a race to construct efficient power lineContinue reading “Powerline”

Rush Out!

When adventurers enter an underground maze and thereby enter the territory of a powerful sorcerer, they are hunted by him. The only way to survive is to escape from the maze and try to avoid the terrible spells the wizard casts on them! 3-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 20-30 minutesDesigner: Thomas DupontArtwork: Alexandre Bonvalot Publisher:Continue reading “Rush Out!”


In this game, set in the Sagani-universe, players take on the role of the children of nature, wandering around the wilderness to discover the most precious tunes, and forge these into sound discs by completing tasks in the Temple of Clouds. 1-4 players, ages 8+Playing time: 45 minutesDesigner: Uwe RosenbergArtwork: David Cochard Publisher: Skellig Gameshttps://www.skellig-games.de/Continue reading “Armonia”