Inspired by our ever-evolving planet and the increasing importance of sustainable energy, Powerline is a game that brings the challenge of connecting cities to new sources of energy production to life. Designed by Dirk Henn, this game embraces the spirit of change and innovation while engaging players in a race to construct efficient power line networks.

1-6 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designer: Dirk Henn
Artwork: Patricia Limberger

Publisher: White Goblin Games

āš” In Powerline, players take on the role of engineers constructing new power line networks to connect eco-friendly power plants while supplying energy to cities. Players navigate 15 rounds of gameplay using common dice to determine their actions. Each player has a unique player board with six colored workers, whose values are determined by the dice rolls at the beginning of each round. Players then deploy their workers to plan the construction of power lines.
However, not all workers may be helpful, as some may end up on the island, resulting in negative points. As workers are deployed, corresponding tiles are removed from the worker chart, limiting the number of available options for future rounds.

šŸš§ Once the planning phase is complete, workers are returned to their starting positions and replaced with powerline tokens. Players earn points by connecting cities and completing power lines adjacent to power plants. Players participate in three intermediate scorings throughout the game, earning points based on the number of finished powerlines, connected plants, and used worker tokens.

šŸ’­ Powerline is an easy-to-learn game but offers a challenging planning aspect. Players must find the right balance between using their workers efficiently and deciding whether to focus on building long lines or completing shorter lines for early points. Additionally, each player’s board is unique, ensuring that every playthrough offers a different puzzle to solve. Keep in mind that luck plays a role in Powerline, as dice rolls can sometimes force you to rethink your strategy.
Powerline has a rather solitaire feel, which stems from limited player interaction. This makes the game an excellent option for players who enjoy concentrating on their own strategies without worrying about interference from others.

šŸ§© To keep things interesting, Powerline comes with several game variants, including new scoring cards, contracts, alternate rules for the island, and a different distribution of the worker chart. These additional elements provide players with the opportunity to customize their experience and add depth to the gameplay.

šŸŒ Powerline shines as a game that combines tactical planning with varying levels of challenge, ensuring that every playthrough remains fresh and exciting. Its easy-to-learn mechanics make it an ideal family game that plays quickly, perfect for filling an hour or wrapping up game night. If you don’t mind a touch of luck and a solitaire feel, Powerline is a fantastic addition to your board game collection.

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