Manage your own clan of dwarfs and expand the underground kingdom Dwergar. Send your workers out to perform actions, complete projects, and try to become the most prestigious clan!

2-4 players, ages 12+
Playing time: 60-120 minutes
Designer: Jan Madejski
Artwork: Piotr Sokołowski

Publisher: Granna

A game of Dwergar is played over the course of 10 rounds, in which each player takes one turn performing 3 actions.
Players use workers, sending them to mines to collect resources such as stone, iron, gold and crystals. To process these resources and use them for projects, they need heat from a furnace network they have to expand on their player board.
Every time you send a worker to a location that is occupied, you collect that worker to use him for a future action.
When sending dwarfs deep into the mines, players will have to make sure they operate the elevator to bring up the resources and the dwarf collecting them. Some of the dwarfs have specific skills such as engineers, blacksmiths and ironworkers who give benefits during actions in the workshop, the forge, the laboratory or the architect studio, where projects can be fulfilled. Project cards are the main source of victory points during and can give extra points at the end of the game.
At the end of each round, an event card is revealed and its effect applied, and play proceeds to the next round.

Dwergar is a worker placement game with a twist: you collect the worker from an occupied spot when placing there, and by using the different types of workers on specific action spots, you gain additional actions, which definitely gives you something extra to think about when performing a certain action.
Another neat twist is the mine and its lifts to gather resources: when placing workers to collect resources, they’re placed in carts, which have to move up to the top in order for players to collect those resources. The more valuable the type of resource, the deeper and thus the more actions it takes to have them available.
Overall, Dwergar is a solid game with cool mechanisms I hadn’t seen before. If you’re into crunchy worker placement games, I can recommend this one!

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