Recently Belgian publisher Game Brewer, known for its major releases like Gugong and Paris, released a couple of family games in their range of Amuza Games! We were lucky to receive review copies of them, so please allow me to introduce you to the first one: Bugz!

2-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 15 minutes
Designer: Robert Brouwer
Artist: Jules Dubost

Publisher: Amuza Games

The goal of the game is to collect the most Bug tokens! Each round, a bug card is placed face up on the table, showing 2 of the 3 possible bugs: cockroaches, maggots and fleas. Also depicted on the cards is what you need to lure them, and the number of bug tokens that is placed next to their side of the card.

Players simultaneously pick one of their lure cards and reveal them at the same time. These cards will determine if, and how many of the bug tokens you collect for this round.
Now players also pick one of their action cards, and again reveal them simultaneously. The action cards now are resolved in ascending order and have various effects, like adding or removing bug tokens, turning the bug card, or canceling the effect of another action card.

Once all the actions are resolved, the bug tokens are divided by distributing them evenly on the correct lures, and players collect them. Any leftover bugs remain for the next round, and after 9 rounds the game ends and the player who manages to lure the most bugs wins the game!

To be honest I never thought collecting bugs could be as fun as this. Bugz is an excellent entry-level game, perfect to play with families and our two oldest kids absolutely loved playing this. Of course this game is highly luck-dependent, but since every player starts the game with the same deck of cards, near the end you can strategize more and try to estimate which cards will be played by your opponents.
The fun-factor and luck make this game perfect to play at parties or as a filler to relax in between some heavier games. Since the kids absolutely adore playing this is becoming one of our regular games on our Sunday afternoon gaming sessions with them, and every time it’s been a whole lotta fun playing. I absolutely recommend this if you’re still looking for a quick and light card game!

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