2-6 players, ages 8+
5 minutes
Designer: Moritz Dressler
Artist: Christian Opperer

Publisher: Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag

Have you heard of the ‘Minnys’ by NSV? It’s a range of roll-and-write games, very portable as they come in a small paper pouch with only a die, pencil and game pad, so they’re excellent to play when travelling, or on a bench in the park when the kids are playing… Each game is easy to explain and plays in just 5-10 minutes!

In Hungry Hamsters, players cross off caves in a burrow. Each turn, you cross off as many spaces as shown on the die. After a player starts a fourth cave, a timer triggers the end of the game. Points are awarded for completely filled caves, and crossed off mushrooms and nuts.

In Fency Sheep, you’ll fence areas and earn points for the sheep in them. Each time the die is rolled, you draw the matching fence, and after the sixth and tenth round, you receive points for fenced in sheep as shown in the table on the sheet.

In Thread Count, you’ll be extending a thread of wool over the carpet, earning points for collecting socks, paper airplanes and mice you collect en route. Each die roll, you draw a line with a length equal to the value of the die, and with a maximum of one cure. Once a player collects his first set of 3 different items, the end of the game is triggered. Players receive points for each item, completed sets and deduct points for each porcelain cup they encountered.

In Honey Moon, players are mining sweets from a moon of sugar! Each die roll, players extend their network of tunnels on the moon by crossing off a number of spaces equal to the value on the die, collecting the sweets but also avoiding the pickles. When a player collects a set of five different sweets, a timer triggers the end of the game. Players receive points for each kind of sweet according to the table, each set of different sweets and minus points for pickles!

Although they don’t provide the ‘deepest’ gameplay experience, we definitely enjoy playing these, and they’re really well suited for playing when having little time. I’ve also seen there are already other games in these series but they’re only available in German at the moment, so I hope those also get translated soon!

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