1-4 players
20-30 minutes
Designers: Romain Caterdjian & Anthony Perone
Artist: Alexandre Bonvalot

Publisher: Sit Down!

Dive deep and find the sacred stone thrown into the ocean by the elder of the tribe.
By diving up the stone you’ll be the hero of the ocean during the summer solstice feast. Divers will have to be able to make sure they have enough air, predict on what level in the ocean they’ll need to avoid sharks and where they’ll find creatures like turtles and manta rays to help them dive deeper. The ocean is made out of see-through sheets with drawings of sharks, turtles and manta rays, obscured by colorful plants, fish and other sea life. While planning your dive, you’ll need to watch closely on what level you’ll encounter the sharks and plan where you’ll spend more air to be the first to get to the creature to help you dive. The first diver who reaches space 23 of the Descent board, the place where the sacred stone is hidden, wins the game.

Each round, players take a look at a stack of Ocean cards in the middle of the table, trying to guess whether a shark is present or not on the top cards. They simultaneously program their Air tokens behind a player screen, trying to descend as deep as possible, and keeping in mind that the player with the highest value for each card can earn bonus points.

Dive is definitely a unique game in our collection, it looks great on the table and I haven’t seen transparent cards used like this in any other game before. It comes with short and clear rules, is easy to set up and plays very quick. Most of our plays only took 5 or 6 rounds, which is just perfect for this type of game. The looking and guessing part is very fun, and gives each player an equal chance to win, no matter their age. 

Overall, Dive is a lovely produced game that’s a lot of fun to play with the family.

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