Wander through nature and observe your surroundings, on the lookout for animals, plants and landscapes. Your goal is to collect these different types of cards in your own personal meadow, and to prove you are the most skilled observer!

1-4 players
60-90 minutes
Designer: Klemens Kalicki
Artists: Karolina Kijak & Katarzyna Fiebiger

Publisher: Rebel Studio

In Meadow, players take actions by placing a path token into an available notch of one of the two game boards:

1- The main board allows players to draw and play cards. When placing a path token here, the number shown on it determines which card you take; you count that number of spaces in the direction it points. Next you can also play a card, bearing in mind that most of the cards show requirements that must be visible in your meadow before you can play those new ones.

2- The second option is to place a path token next to the campfire board, and perform the special action shown on the token. These allow you to play or take additional cards, or to take road tokens that you’ll be needing to play a certain type of cards. You may also claim one of the goals when you have the required symbols visible in your meadow, giving you endgame points.

When playing cards, you can also opt to ignore one of the requirements by discarding 2 cards from your hand – A rather painful option as you really want to play those cards for the points they show, but sometimes some symbols may not come out, so they clearly came up with a solution for that.

After a certain number of rounds, depending on player count, the game ends and players tally their points shown on the cards they played and the goals they managed to claim!

Meadow is a treat for the eye – each card shows a beautiful scene which makes this game has a great table presence. The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward, as most of the time, you want to play cards showing symbols that you’ll need for other cards to play – it may feel a bit abstract, but then again they did an excellent job on blending the theme with the mechanics.

Overall, this is quite an enjoyable set collecting/tableau building game, and perfect to introduce new players to these mechanics. If you like games like these and/or you’re tired of playing Wingspan, make sure to give Meadow a try!

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