Trek 12

Grab your hiking boots and backpack, because we’re making a trip to the Himalayas! In Trek 12, players go on an expedition to explore the area and discover new hiking trails to reach the summits!

1-50 players
15-30 minutes
Designers: Bruno Cathala & Corentin Lebrat
Artists: Jonathan Aucomte & Olivier Derouetteau

Publisher: Geronimo Games (Originally published by Lumberjacks Studio)

Each turn starts with one of the players rolling both dice. Players pick one of the available operations in their grid, and write down the result in a circle of their choice: either the highest or lowest result, or the sum, difference or product of the values depicted on the dice.

Whenever an option is crossed off four times in their grid, players are unable to pick that option again for the rest of the game.

By placing numbers in their mountain, players try to make chains of subsequent numbers or areas of the same numbers, both giving points at the end of the game. But there are also some limitations, as the maximum value you’re allowed to write in a circle is 12, and circles marked as ‘dangerous’ cannot have a value higher than 6.

Trek 12 offers three different modes to play: apart from the solo and quick game, there’s also an ‘Expedition’ mode, in which you’ll play through a series of successive ascents, collecting reputation and new gear. In this version you’ll also have the possibility to unlock extra game material by fulfilling the tasks on the envelopes, but as I don’t want to spoil anything, I’ll keep those a surprise.
While the gameplay is easy to understand, this game gives you a lot of fun if you like the puzzle aspect. The constant debate in your head, whether to make a climbing line longer or prevent a circle becoming a deserted one, using up a last option in your grid, or keep it for that one possibility to make your line longer… This has made Trek 12 a great gaming experience for us and I’m already looking forward to going on our next expedition!

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