Danger Park

In Danger Park players are investors, building rides and attracting visitors for their amusement park. But during the game the rides will collect danger tokens, forcing them to close down. The goal is to have earned the most money before the park is shut down because of too many incidents!

2-4 players
45 minutes
Designers: Jono Naito & Ben Sobine
Artist: Moy Shin Hung

Publisher: Story Machine Games

On their turn, players will choose one of the available combinations of a ride and an improvement card. 
They’ll add the ride to the park together with 2 visitors and one of their ticket booths, and execute the improvement, allowing them to move visitors, add danger or block exits. 
For each of the visitors on their rides, they roll a die to check if the ride still pleases the visitor. If any roll fails, the ride receives a danger token and one visitor will leave for each failed roll. When a ride has 4 of the same or 4 different danger tokens, the ride will have to close.
At the end of their turn, players receive money for each visitor still on their rides.

I love amusement park themed games, and Danger Park definitely isn’t an exception to that. It even provides a nice twist, as now you don’t want to keep your park in good shape, but just try to make some quick money. The production of the game is ok, it comes with an insert from Game Trayz that speeds up the setup, and the art is great, with the ‘ride closed’-side being even more funnier than the ‘open’-side. While playing, we encountered some unclear rules, but luckily there’s already a FAQ that solved most of them. The dice rolling might add too much luck for some people, but for a game of this weight it didn’t really bother me. If you’re still looking for a fun, light game with a great theme, make sure to check this one out!

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