Dinner in Paris

In ‘Dinner in Paris’ players are restaurant owners, competing with each other on a new square in Paris and trying to build their terraces as attractive as possible.

2-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 40-60 minutes
Designers: The Trolls
Artwork: Alain Boyer

Publisher: Funnyfox

How does it play?

On your turn, you draw a resource card, after which you perform 2 out of 4 possible actions:
1 – Draw an additional resource card -> You need these to open new restaurants
2 – Open a new restaurant -> Discard the required ingredients and place a new building on the board.
3 – Build terraces -> Spend your income by placing new terrace tiles on the board. When you cover a space with a pigeon you draw a pigeon card which gives you an extra benefit
4 – Complete an objective -> This can be a private objective, but also a common one from the board. Most of these objectives require you to build your terraces in certain ways or adjacent to decorations on the board.

At the end of the game, players get points for their build restaurants and terraces, completed objectives (or minus points for incomplete ones) and there’s also a majority card giving points in 3 different categories.

For me Dinner in Paris is a nice first acquaintance with the new French game publisher Funnyfox. The game looks stunning on the table, certainly with those nice little restaurants. The rules are very straightforward and the game plays very smoothly once you get going. I would not call this a typical gateway game but more a family+ game, as with the objectives, the way to build terraces and possibly blocking your opponents, and the majorities at the end of the game, there’s really a lot going on in this game. One thing that annoys me a bit is the card quality which could have been better, but the overall production of the game is really great.

That aside, Dinner in Paris is a great addition to our collection and will likely hit the table very often.

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