In Buurn, players participate in a competition trying to create the hottest sauce ever made!

3-5 players
30-40 minutes
Designers: David Simiand, Pierre Voye
Artist: Gorobei

Publisher: Morning


Every round begins with an auction: the first player will start a descending count, until a player grabs the purchase totem, with the count representing the money you’ll have to pay for the current ingredients. 

As soon as the purchase totem is taken, all other players also grab a totem, each different colour allowing them to perform a different action.

Purchase Totem: pay the money for the auction and gain the ingredients, or give them to another player. Divide the money equally between other players

Tax totem: gain half of the auction money, before it gets distributed.

Organisation Totem: gain the organisation card of the current round. These will give you benefits or even points at the end of the game!

Black Market and Secondary Market Totems: either take all the money on the ‘bank card’, or pay to draw 2 ingredient cards and keep one.

At the end of the game, players group their ingredients, with each type having a different way of scoring, and add the points of their organisation cards. The player with the most points is declared the winner of this hot sauce competition!

Buurn is a party game that really succeeds in accomplishing its purpose: give players a good time filled with fun and laughter. It’s fast to set up and easy to explain, only takes 30 minutes to play, and also very portable to bring along to parties or evenings with friends. The totems are really fun to grab, giving the game a unique feeling, and grabbing one right before another player surely causes this game to be very fun to play.

The game is now on Kickstarter, and if you’re interested, also make sure to check https://www.buurn.co/ to become an ambassador and get your copy of the game for free!

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