Lost Explorers

Clues leading to the secret entrance of the lost world have been hidden all around the world! Your task is to lead an expedition in uncovering them, by finding means of transportation and sending your team to the locations on your missions. The first player who finds all four clues, discovers the entrance and wins the game!

2-4 players
40 minutes
Designer: Cédrick Chaboussit
Artist: Christine Deschamps

Publisher: Ludonaute

Each of your turn is divided in two phases:

1 – Use your expedition members to gain new vehicles and mission tokens, and place these in front of you. Once you collected all vehicles needed to complete a route, you can send members to the locations on the map, by discarding one of those vehicles.

2 – In order to complete missions, you must have expedition members on each of the locations shown on the token you want to complete. You retrieve one of those members, and advance your expedition leader on the matching track of the discovery area, the same number of steps as the number of expedition members you needed to complete the mission. Each time one of those expedition leaders reaches a slot with a magnifying glass, you collect a clue tile.

Lost Explorers is a family game in its purest form, coming with easy rules and fast setup. Gameplay is very straightforward, yet challenging, looking for a way to optimise the placement of your explorers and at the same time planning ahead for what might come on your next turn. The production quality is top notch and very original, with the box itself seamlessly integrated as the discovery area, and the lid functioning as the game board. At the end of the game, the winner can add up the four numbers found on the clue tokens and scan a matching QR code to find out where the entrance to the lost world is, which is also very nice and definitely contributes to the theme of the game. I easily see Lost Explorers becoming one of our regulars for introducing new people to the hobby!

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