Alice’s Garden

Welcome to the world of Alice’s Garden, where players find themselves in the enchanting Wonderland, tasked with the challenge of designing a garden fit for the Queen of Hearts. Immerse yourself in the captivating setting, inspired by the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, as you cultivate a landscape that meets the Queen’s demanding tastes.

1-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designer: Ikhwan Kwon
Artwork: Eugenia Smolenceva

Publisher: Happy Meeple Games

Alice’s Garden transports players to the magical world of Wonderland, where they’ll join Alice and her friends in a quest to design the perfect garden for the Queen of Hearts.
🌹 At its core, Alice’s Garden is a tile-placement game with a drafting twist. The game is played over several rounds, during which players take turns selecting garden tiles and strategically placing them in their gardens. The tiles, which are comprised of four squares, feature various icons representing different elements, such as chess pieces, roses, mushrooms, and trees.

🍄 Points are earned based on the alignment of these icons, with different combinations yielding varying scores. The drafting mechanism makes players must carefully weigh their options and consider which tiles will best suit their garden layout and scoring objectives.

🎩 Despite its seemingly simple mechanics, Alice’s Garden offers a surprising amount of depth. The game’s different scoring methods provide a challenge that keeps players on their toes, while the tile drafting provides enough interaction to keep each playthrough fresh and exciting.
The artwork of Alice’s Garden is really delightful, and perfectly captures the charm of the Wonderland setting. The vibrant illustrations on the tiles make the game a visual treat and definitely add to the overall experience.

👸 The game’s mechanics, though straightforward, provide a satisfying and challenging puzzle-solving experience. The various ways of scoring keep players constantly strategizing and adjusting their tactics, while the drafting element encourages a healthy dose of player interaction.
🔍 One potential drawback is that the game’s replayability may be somewhat limited, as the scoring objectives and game boards remain unchanged from one playthrough to the next. However, the random tile draws help to ensure that each game feels unique and engaging.

💭 In conclusion, Alice’s Garden is a game that offers a perfect balance of accessible mechanics, strategic depth, and charming artwork. Its enchanting theme and captivating illustrations make it a joy to play, while the challenging puzzles keep players hooked. Whether you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, Tetris-style games, or simply looking for an enjoyable gaming experience, Alice’s Garden is a must-try!

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