Farmlands are being overwhelmed with toads in these regions, and to be a successful farmer you need to grow your lands but try to keep the toad infestation under control. Who will be the farmer that gets rid of the most toads?

1-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designer: Matt Wolfe
Artwork: Marlies Barends

Publisher: 999 Games

🐸 During their turn, players choose a farm tile from the marketboard, adding it to their farm and filling it with the amount of toads depending on the chosen tile location on the board. When placing players need to match sugar cane and crop fields, but they want to take the little arrow and farm symbols on the tile in account too. The arrows will move the toads on their and possibly other players’ farms in the direction of the arrows, guiding the toads to the pools where they can be scored.

🚜 The game ends when the market board can no longer be refilled, after which players remove all tiles in front of them that still have toads on them. Players total their points: these are rewarded for having the least toads, for your biggest crop and sugar cane fields, and farm symbols which will score depending on the number you managed to collect of each.

💭 Queensland is an accessible and fast paced tile placement game. The game doesn’t really feel unique, but it comes with a couple of mechanisms we’re already familiar with from other games that are combined in an excellent way, which gives the game a rather old-school vibe.
👉 The gameplay’s very straightforward and although everyone’s building his own farm in front of them it doesn’t feel too solitaire, as players their main goal is to get their toads to the ponds but in the meantime other players can mess up that plan by picking a tile that moves everybody’s toads.

⭐️ Highly recommended if you love playing tile laying games!

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