Inspired by our ever-evolving planet and the increasing importance of sustainable energy, Powerline is a game that brings the challenge of connecting cities to new sources of energy production to life. Designed by Dirk Henn, this game embraces the spirit of change and innovation while engaging players in a race to construct efficient power lineContinue reading “Powerline”


Recently we finally played our copy of Stefan Feld’s Marrakesh. We’re huge fans of Feld games, and this one didn’t disappoint – it’s a really fun game to play. 2-4 players, ages 14+Playing time: 120 minutesDesigner: Stefan Feld Publisher: Queen Gameshttps://new.queen-games.com/en/start/ 💬 The game is played in three rounds, each consisting of four turns. PlayersContinue reading “Marrakesh”