Beetle to the Bubble

The weekend is about to start, and the beetles in the milk carton office are preparing for their weekly race to the bubble bar!

2-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 10-30 minutes
Designer: Jeroen Geenen
Artwork: Aleksandra Bokova

Publisher: H-Town Games

🟡 In Beetle to the Bubble, players are racing through a track of colored flowers to reach the bubble bar first with their beetles. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. During their turn players are going to play one or two cards from their hand, fulfilling their depicted action. These allow the players to move their own or other players’ beetles to certain colors, a certain amount of steps or even allow them to turn a piece of the game board completely changing the routes to the bubble bar and the beetles’ positions on the board.
🟠 When a beetle is on a flower it changes the color of the flower, giving other beetles the opportunity to skip the flower when going to a color different then the beetle on it. Landing on other beetles rewards the player with an extra card and it possibly blocks other beetles as once a stack of beetles reaches three high, no other beetle can land on top or even pass by.
🟢 When beetles get stacked, the beetle in the bottom from now on takes the beetles above with it when it moves. However there are enough opportunities to change the order of the stacks or move the other beetles away.
🔴 The player who reaches the bubble bar first with all of their beetles wins this week’s nectar soda.

💭 Beetle to the Bubble is a fast-paced racing game, with simple rules so anyone can play it and at its best at higher player counts. The game is highly interactive with a lot of take-that factors in it: turning other beetles away from the shortest road to the bar, blocking other players from passing by making a stack of three beetles or moving them backwards to gain your own advantage is a big part of the game.
We found the game to be a lot of fun to play with the kids, who obviously found it hilarious to mess with our beetles.
👉 If you like quick family games that are not to be taken too seriously, you will definitely find your liking here!

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