Shopkeepers are seeking artisan dragons to surprise customers with their Flamecraft. Your job as a Flamekeeper is to find the perfect place for the dragons, and use enchantments to let them produce the most beautiful goods. Your reputation will grow while helping the dragons and shopkeepers, and maybe you’ll even become the new Master of Flamecraft!

1-5 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 60 minutes
Designer: Manny Vega
Artwork: Sandara Tang

Publisher: White Goblin Games (Originally published by Cardboard Alchemy)

🔴 During their turn, players will visit a store to either collect or use an enchantment.
🟠 When collecting goods, they can play a dragon from their hand to an open slot and activate its ability and the ability of the shop, if there is any. Each dragon has a specialty and as a Flamekeeper, you obviously know perfectly well which dragon belongs in which store.
🟡 Enchanting a store will give the Flamekeeper reputation and will cause the store to produce more goods in the future, and after performing the enchantment you can activate the abilities of all the dragons in the store as they see fit.
🟢 Some slots in the stores or enchantments will give the players special day and night dragons,
which are objectives to score points during or at the end of the game.
🔵 When the pile of artisan dragons or enchantments is depleted, the players play a final round and the game ends. The player that collected the most reputation is declared the new Master of Flamecraft!

💭 First of all, the theme is really well implemented: you really feel like a Flamekeeper in a city looking for the best stores to fit your dragons. Every turn you’ll be looking for your best option, either to collect goods you’ll need for one of the available enchantments, or to manipulate the dragons in the city to fit your objectives.
👉 Playing time is around one hour, which we found perfect for a family+ type of game, and while the game is easy to explain and play, trying to align your different objective cards as efficiently as possible is a nice puzzle to make. Each game there will be different stores, and the many different dragons and enchantments ensure that there is plenty of replayability and you’re presented with a different optimization puzzle each play.

If you’re looking for a smooth and fun game with a great theme, and that’s fun to play for the whole family, then I’d highly recommend you to check out Flamecraft!

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