In Precognition players take on the role of the Prescient, survivors of a great disaster that wiped out 99% of humanity. They foresaw a safe haven on Létéa, an island down the river and while sailing there, they’re picking up and curing as many humans as possible.

2-4 players, ages 12+
Playing time: 60 minutes
Designer: Julien Prothière
Artwork: Sébastien Caiveau

Publisher: Ludonaute

👉 Precognition comes with a novel card drafting mechanism: the dual select system.
Each turn, players simultaneously draw 2 cards from their personal draw pile, bringing the amount of hand cards to 6, containing two choice cards. Secretly they make 3 piles: one to give to the player on the left, one to the right and one to keep. With the card they keep and the one they receive from the right, they perform actions this round while the cards coming from the left will be hand cards next round.

⛴ Each round, players will rescue humans and Ymunes, whose task is to cure humans and protect the boat. In the meantime, they’ll collect batteries to power the machines and provisions to feed the healthy humans. As the game progresses, the boat sails further down the river encountering harsh conditions on the way to the island.

🏝 When the boats arrive in Létéa, players count how many humans they managed to save and cure. The player who has the most healthy humans on his boat at the end of the game is the winner!

💭 Precognition is a card drafting/resource management game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. The card drafting mechanism feels very refreshing and offers quite a lot of things to think about: because you give two cards to your neighbor, knowing one of these two will come back to you, you can plan ahead on which combination you possibly will have next round. With this precognition, you can plan the steps you want to take this round and it adds an extra layer to the game.
👉 This combined with a relatively short playing time and well-implemented theme allows Precognition to really stand out from the rest!

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