In Precognition players take on the role of the Prescient, survivors of a great disaster that wiped out 99% of humanity. They foresaw a safe haven on Létéa, an island down the river and while sailing there, they’re picking up and curing as many humans as possible. 2-4 players, ages 12+Playing time: 60 minutesDesigner: JulienContinue reading “Precognition”


In Dunaïa each player is a tribal chief, erecting buildings, assembling artefacts and trying to fulfil the prophecies, in order to become a protector of the Dunaias! 2-4 players60 minutesDesigner: Thomas DupontPublisher: Sébastien Caiveau Publisher: BLAM! Each turn, players will draft dice to awaken a Dunaia on their player board, and thus activating both sitesContinue reading “Dunaïa”