Rush Out!

When adventurers enter an underground maze and thereby enter the territory of a powerful sorcerer, they are hunted by him. The only way to survive is to escape from the maze and try to avoid the terrible spells the wizard casts on them! 3-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 20-30 minutesDesigner: Thomas DupontArtwork: Alexandre Bonvalot Publisher:Continue reading “Rush Out!”


In Dunaïa each player is a tribal chief, erecting buildings, assembling artefacts and trying to fulfil the prophecies, in order to become a protector of the Dunaias! 2-4 players60 minutesDesigner: Thomas DupontPublisher: Sébastien Caiveau Publisher: BLAM! Each turn, players will draft dice to awaken a Dunaia on their player board, and thus activating both sitesContinue reading “Dunaïa”