Assemble the best pizza slices to fulfil the orders of the customers!

2-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designer: Citie Lo
Artwork: Michel Verdu

Publisher: Amuza Games

Over the course of 6 rounds, players will be earning points by serving pizza slices to customers.
Each round consists of 2 phases:
In the Cooking phase, players place ingredients on their pizza by playing cards onto one of the 4 locations on their player board. The colour of those locations correspond with the dice on the main board, and players have to move their pizza disc a number of steps equal to the value shown on the die before placing the ingredient token on the pizza slice.
Once everyone has played 3 ingredient cards, we move on to the Serving phase: When a player has all the ingredients a customer wants on a single slice, he may serve the customer to earn points and flip the slice to its back: this is now ‘eaten’ and cannot be used again unless you first pay victory points to flip it back to the unserved side.
Every customer requests a different combination of ingredients, and the player(s) who serve a customer the first time will earn more points, as at the end of the round the card flips to the lower-scoring side.
At the end of the 6th round a small final scoring occurs, and the player with the most points is awarded the title of best pizza chef!

Pizza is a family game that can be played with everyone: the rules are easy to grasp and my kids had not a single problem competing with us for victory. The game also comes with beautiful appealing artwork that’s a very good fit.
The fulfilling of the orders feels very familiar, but what makes this game stand out from others is the way the rondel works: each round you’ll have to plan ahead, depending on the available dice, to make sure a certain ingredient lands on the right pizza slice. Especially when more than one player is aiming to serve a specific customer, efficiency can be crucial!
Overall Pizza is a very enjoyable strategy game to play with the family or as a filler with experienced players, and I’m happy to have it in my collection!

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