Alice in Wordland

Put on your best clothes and accept the invitation of the Queen of Hearts to her tea party in this fun word game!

3-8 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 25 minutes
Designers: Chris Darsaklis & Spyros Koronis
Artwork: Asterman Studio

Publisher: Intrafin

Every player represents a character from the famous tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and has been invited to the tea party of the Queen of Hearts, but she issues some crazy rules during teatime. Today she prohibits the use of specific letters during discussions held at the table.

Each round three letters and a topic card will be drawn and these cards will decide the theme about what players will talk about and what letters they can’t use. A singing teapot will track the time players have to give a word in the given topic without using the forbidden letters. Players continue to give words until there’s one player that hasn’t been eliminated by the rules set by the Queen. Points are given out from low to high in the order players were eliminated, a new topic and forbidden letters are drawn and character cards are given to the next player as every character has a special power that helps you to avoid being eliminated. These powers are extra time, skipping a turn, being able to ignore one forbidden letter and so on.
The game ends when every player has played one round with every character in play, and the player with the most points wins the game!

Alice in Wordland is an enjoyable party game, with the gimmicky teapot making it fun but sometimes nerve wracking when the song is going to its end and you haven’t found a word yet. The game comes with rules to make it easier or more difficult, and it’s possible to adapt the rules when playing with younger children using both the easy rules for them and the more difficult rules for the adults at the same time.
Overall Alice in Wordland is a very accessible word game with a fun theme that’s perfect for playing at parties or relaxed game nights!

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