The Court of Miracles

In The Court of Miracles, players are contending for the most influence in 16th century Paris.

2-5 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 40 minutes
Designers: Vincent Brugeas & Guilhem Gautrand
Artist: Ronan Toulhoat

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

Each player starts the game with 6 renown tokens, with the first one to place them all on the board will be the winner.

On your turn, you’ll place one of your Rogue tokens on a spot in a neighbourhood, gain the bonus of the spot and perform the action of the neighbourhood. In addition, you can also play a plot card and perform its ability to mix things up. When a neighbourhood has 3 Rogue tokens, a standoff will be triggered, and the player with the most influence can place a renown token. Standoffs can also be triggered by moving the king further along his path.

We had a good time playing this, especially the fight for the neighbourhoods is really fun, as when there’s already a renown token, you might want to protect that in the next standoff.

The Court of Miracles comes with easy rules and straight-forward gameplay, a game lasts just about 30-40 minutes. The components are nicely done, above all the Rogue tokens, these are plastic discs and the player tokens are a perfect fit in them. Also the artwork fits the theme of the game very well. If you’re into games that involve a lot of player interaction without being ‘too mean’ for each other, definitely check this one out.

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