Over the course of 3 years, players will train their novices, build stain-glass windows and fulfill missions, in order to gain the most fame and honor!

2-4 players, ages 12+
60-120 minutes
Designer: Arve D. Fühler
Artist: Dennis Lohausen

Publisher: dlp games

Each year lasts a number of rounds, equal to the number of players. A round starts with a dice placement phase, with players rolling their dice and determining which actions will be available that round.

In the action phase, players draft dice from the board depending on which actions they want to take. At the start of the game, they’ll only have the 5 standard actions available to them, but during play you’ll send out novices by which new actions become available.

Sending out novices to the board don’t only unlock these actions, but you’ll also gain resources, stained glass tiles and points, depending on where you place them. There are also 6 mission cards next to the board, earning you points when you complete them, with the sooner, the better!

Building the stained glass tiles on your church window board feels a bit like a mini puzzle game, as you’ll have to keep in mind certain restrictions when placing them. It doesn’t only look nice on your board when you’re able to finish your window, but this also grants you a lot of points and extra bonuses!

For me Monasterium feels like a typical standard eurogame, with a lot of connected parts and everything working very well together. The dice placement phase where players have to determine which actions will be available is a nice twist and definitely adds an extra strategic layer to the game. It really feels like every little decision you make has an influence on how your game will play, as you may not get immediate benefits, but sooner or later you’ll feel the effect of your actions. Putting this all together makes that Monasterium receives a well deserved spot on my shelves!

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