Ave, Leo!

Take on the role of a gladiator and enter the arena! Not to fight the other gladiators or the lion present, but to collect as many dice with coins as possible. Each action involves taking a die, which is how you and your fellow gladiators will explore the arena and try to bring this ratherContinue reading “Ave, Leo!”


Welcome to the Renaissance! In Tiletum, players take on the role of wealthy merchants traveling through Europe, building trade posts and investing in the construction of great cathedrals. You’ll have to gain the favor of noble families and attend fairs to increase your influence and prestige. Will you become the richest merchant? 1-4 players, agesContinue reading “Tiletum”


Over the course of 3 years, players will train their novices, build stain-glass windows and fulfill missions, in order to gain the most fame and honor! 2-4 players, ages 12+60-120 minutesDesigner: Arve D. FühlerArtist: Dennis Lohausen Publisher: dlp gameshttps://www.dlp-games.de/ Each year lasts a number of rounds, equal to the number of players. A round startsContinue reading “Monasterium”

The Specialists

Assemble your own gang of specialists in order to rob casinos, banks and jewelries all around the world! 1-4 players60 minutesDesigners: Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini, Dimitri Perrier, Anne-Catherine PerrierArtist: Christine Alcouffe Publisher: Explor8https://explor8.com/ You start your turn by drafting one of the available dice from the dice pool. With those dice, you’re able to recruitContinue reading “The Specialists”