Troll & Dragon

King Diamor loves treasures and is sending off his adventurers to search for a legendary cave full of gold and diamonds. The treasure hunters will have to avoid the troll that guards the Diamond Grotto and get into the Treasure Cave, but the gold nuggets are protected by a dragon. Who will be the adventurer to offer the most treasures to the king?

2-5 players, ages 7+
20 minutes
Designer: Alexandre Emerit
Artwork: Paul Mafayon

Publisher: LOKI

Players start their turn rolling the 4 Diamond Grotto dice. They may reroll these as often as they like, until they get locked by rolling a troll, or when the player puts them aside showing the combination of a lock and a key, giving access to the Treasure Cave. Any diamonds the player rolls in the meantime, he takes from the supply, placing them next to his treasure bag.

When you have two dice showing a lock and a key, you may continue your journey to the Treasure Cave. Once there, things get tricky as the moment the player starts rolling the two Treasure Cave dice, other players start rolling the dragon dice. The active player rolls and collects the shown gold as fast as he can, but needs to call ‘I am leaving’ before the other players roll two dragons. If the two other players manage to roll the dragon on their dice, the active adventurer will have to run for his life and leave his treasures behind, to be collected by the other players.

When one of the two caves runs out of treasures, the game ends, and everybody counts the diamonds and gold they’ve gathered for the king. 

Troll & Dragon is a fun and sometimes a bit chaotic push-your-luck game. The kids found it hilarious, trying to roll the dragons while we were trying to get the gold nuggets. Imagine their delight when they rolled the dragons and we lost our gathered stuff!

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