Villagers: Shifting Seasons

Shifting Seasons is an expansion for Villagers, visit my post of the base game here: 1-5 players, ages 10+Playing Time: 30-60 minutesDesign & Artwork: Haakon Gaarder Publisher: Sinister Fish Games The Shifting Seasons expansion consists of several new modules which can be added (or left out) as you wish: A new Clay Suit brings moreContinue reading “Villagers: Shifting Seasons”

Forests of Pangaia

Sent out by the goddess Gaia, your task is to grow trees and use them to complete Rituals in honor of mother nature. 2-4 players, ages 14+Playing time: 40-60 minutesDesigner: Thomas Franken Publisher: Pangaia Games Forests of Pangaia is now live on Kickstarter: On your turn, you’ll go through the following three phases:First you growContinue reading “Forests of Pangaia”

Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green Edition

Roll the dice, draw routes, and try to create a better transportation network than your opponents! 1-4 players, ages 8+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigners: Hjalmar Hach & Lorenzo SilvaArtwork: Marta Tranquilli Publisher: Horrible Guild Railroad Ink is a roll & write game: each round starts by rolling the dice. Players draw the routes shown on theContinue reading “Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green Edition”


Recruit thieves and equip them with gear to commit robberies in Europe’s biggest cities! 2 players (3-4 player variants included), ages 12+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigner: Unai RubioArtist: Josh Emrich Publisher: Jumbo A game of Caper is played over the course of 6 rounds, in which players will be alternating between drafting thief cards and gearContinue reading “Caper”

Winterhaven Woods

Create your own forest and make sure your critters and deers are well-prepared to endure the cold winter months! 1-6 players, ages 8+Playing time: 15-20 minutesDesign & artwork: Joel Bodkin Publisher: Featherstone Games Now live on Kickstarter: Winterhaven Woods is played over the course of 3 rounds, each consisting of these 4 phases: 1-Continue reading “Winterhaven Woods”

A War of Whispers

As a secret society, you try to manipulate the war for the world to your own advantage. 2-4 players, ages 14+Playing time: 60 minutesDesigner: Jeremy StoltzfusArtists: Tomasz Jedruszek & Dann May Publisher: Starling Games During setup players place their loyalty tokens secretly on their player boards, defining where their loyalties lie. These can shift duringContinue reading “A War of Whispers”

Top Pop

In Top Pop, each player is the owner of a soda pop company in the 60’s, trying to increase his influence and reputation in the big cities of the USA! 2-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 30-45 minutesDesigners: Mark McGee & Joshua J Mills Artists: James Churchill & Christina Pittre Publisher: Talon Strike Studios Now liveContinue reading “Top Pop”


1-5 players, ages 10+Playing time: 30-60 minutesDesigner & Artist: Haakon Gaarder Publisher: Sinister Fish Games The plague has struck and caused great problems for the population. Your task is to build up a new village, provide food for its citizens and supply the craftsman and traders with the goods they need. Each round starts withContinue reading “Villagers”


A tense dueling game for two players! Ages 10 and upPlaying time: 20-30 minutesDesigner: Carlo BortoliniArtist: Miguel Coimbra Publisher: 1 More Time Games The game starts with a drafting phase, after which each player has four guilds, each with a unique power. Players shuffle their guilds’ decks together, and start the game by drawing aContinue reading “Riftforce”


Flourish is the latest game from the people who created Everdell, and when this one appeared on Kickstarter last year, we were immediately drawn by its beautiful artwork! 1-7 players20-60 minutesDesigners: James A. Wilson & Clarissa A. WilsonArtists: April Borchelt, Dann May, Christina Qi & Naomi Robinson Publisher: Starling Games Over the course of 4Continue reading “Flourish”