Nanga Parbat

As a member of the Sherpa community, you build base camps for explorers on the Nanga Parbat-mountain in the Himalaya, while trapping animals to use for food and clothing. 2 players, ages 14+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigner: Steve FinnArtwork: Ossi Hiekkala, Julián Tunni Publisher: Dr. Finn’s Games Each player starts the game with 15 hikers, 12Continue reading “Nanga Parbat”

Small Samurai Empires

Take control of your Samurai army and fight for control over Japan in this light area majority game! 2-4 players, ages 13+Playing time: 30-60 minutesDesign & Artwork: Milan Tasevski Publisher: Archona Games Small Samurai Empires is played over the course of 3 eras, each consisting of 2 rounds.To start an era each player picks aContinue reading “Small Samurai Empires”

Wild: Serengeti

Discover new animals and capture them in beautiful wildlife scenes – In ‘Wild: Serengeti’, you and your fellow players are contending to create the greatest wildlife documentary ever filmed! 1-4 players, ages 14+Playing Time: 45-120 minutesDesigner: Gunho KimArtwork: Hani Chang, Sophia Kang Publisher: Bad Comet Wild: Serengeti is now live on Kickstarter: Over the courseContinue reading “Wild: Serengeti”

Excavation Earth

As an alien explorer you’re on a mission to recover and sell artefacts from the uninhabited planet Earth! 1-4 players, ages 14+Playing time: 30 min/playerDesigners: Dávid Turczi, Wai Yee & Gordon CallejaArtist: Philipp Kruse Publisher: Mighty Boards Excavation Earth is now live on Kickstarter, together with the new ‘It Belongs in a Museum’ expansion: ExcavationContinue reading “Excavation Earth”

Chili Mafia

Assemble your own powerful Chili Pepper Gangs and try to become the most respected mafia boss! 2-8 players, ages 10+Playing time: 20-40 minutesDesigners: Krisztina Felmery & Tamas LeidalArtwork: Ivett Perlaky Publisher: Lemery Games Now live on Kickstarter: Chili Mafia starts with a small drafting phase: every player is dealt 6 cards, picks 1 and passesContinue reading “Chili Mafia”

Deckchairs on the Titanic

The year is 1912 and you find yourself as a crew member on the maiden voyage of the unsinkable Titanic. Your job? To ensure the first-class passengers can take place on their favorite spots by reserving deckchairs on the promenade! 2-4 players, ages 10+Playing time: 15-30 minutesDesigner: Tom Holness Publisher: Silver Birch Games Now liveContinue reading “Deckchairs on the Titanic”

Project L

Collect and upgrade tetris-shaped pieces and fit them into your puzzle tiles to score points! 1-4 players (1-6 with expansion), ages 8+Playing time: 20-40 minutesDesigners: Michal Mikeš, Jan Soukal & Adam SpanelArtists: Jaroslav Jurica & Pavel Richter Publisher: Boardcubator To set up the game, shuffle the white puzzle tiles and place 4 of them faceContinue reading “Project L”

Plant-Based Riot

Assemble your own gangs of vegetables to take down the ruthless Cartel. But beware of your opponents, as you’re not the only one who’s keen on winning this Turf War! 2-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 20 minutesDesigners: Matt Ludlow, Roberto Rotaru & Courtney WoodArtwork: Roberto Rotaru Publisher: Bubblegum Stuff Plant-Based Riot is now live onContinue reading “Plant-Based Riot”

Tiny Ninjas

You and your opponent play as senseis, using powerful ninjas to battle each other in this 2-player dueling game. 1-2 players, ages 8+Playing time: 10 minutesDesigner: Ryan LeiningerArtists: Yela Gatchalian-David & Paola Tuazon Publisher: 2niverse Games Both players start the game with 5 cards in their hand and 10 health. Each round, players will alternateContinue reading “Tiny Ninjas”

Getaway Driver

An asymmetric 2-player game in which one player, the getaway driver, is trying to make an escape from the city, before getting caught by the other player who takes up the role of the police. 2 players, ages 12+Playing time: 30-45 minutesDesigner: Jeff BeckArtwork: Ryan Goldsberry Publisher: Uproarious Games You set up the game simplyContinue reading “Getaway Driver”