Mists over Carcassonne

Gather your bravest friends and prepare for a ghostly adventure in Mists Over Carcassonne! This cooperative tile-laying game is a twist on the classic Carcassonne, where players unite to place tiles, score points, and battle the supernatural. With six levels and new gameplay elements, this version of Carcassonne promises a fresh experience for fans of the original.

1-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 35 minutes
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Publisher: Marcel Gröber & Anne Pätzke

Publisher: 999 Games

🗝️ The goal of Mists Over Carcassonne is to reach a predetermined number of points while managing the appearance of ghosts on the board. Players must cooperate to expand the play area by placing land tiles and meeples, ensuring that too many ghosts don’t overrun the board.

🌫️ Players take turns following three main steps: placing a land tile, placing ghosts and meeples, and scoring points. Mist-covered tiles, a new element in this game, can cause ghosts to appear on the board. Players must carefully strategize and coordinate their actions to manage the ghosts and score points.
🌫️ Misty tiles can be placed next to any other tile without worrying about the mist alignment. But when a mist bank is completed, all ghosts within the mist are removed. If the mist bank is incomplete, ghosts are placed on the newly placed tile according to the number of ghost symbols on it.
🌫️ When a tile placement triggers scoring, players have two options: score points as usual or remove up to three ghosts from a tile of their choice. Cooperation is essential for higher scores, as players can earn additional points for scoring with meeples of different colors.

✨ Mists Over Carcassonne is a team-based game where players either win or lose together. The game can be won by reaching or passing the goal tile on the scoring track. Defeat occurs if no tiles are left in the supply or if not enough ghosts are available for placement.

🏰 Two new types of land tiles have been introduced in Mists Over Carcassonne – Castles and Cemeteries. Castles are scored when entirely surrounded by land tiles, while Cemeteries require a meeple to be “buried” when tiles surround all four sides. Additional ghosts are added to open cemeteries whenever players need to place ghosts in the mist, and burying a meeple removes ghosts from the cemetery tile.

🐺 The Hounds are a new scoring element in the game. When the scoring meeple reaches or passes a space with a hound, the hound is placed next to a non-buried meeple, and ghosts are removed from adjacent tiles. Hounds are scored after the meeple they’re attached to is scored, and points are earned based on the number of ghosts on the board at the time of scoring.

As someone who has a special place in their heart for Carcassonne, I was eager to explore Mists Over Carcassonne, and I’m delighted to say that this new adaptation not only lives up to expectations but also surpasses them. The game preserves the familiar ambiance of Carcassonne, merging nostalgia with a spooky new theme that longtime fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

🃏 The quality of the game components remains top-notch, as expected from a Carcassonne title. The tiles and meeples are sturdy and well-made, and the artwork is consistent with the familiar style of other recent Carcassonne games. The game is relatively easy to pick up, especially for those already familiar with the original Carcassonne. While the cooperative aspect and ghost mechanics add a new dimension of complexity, the rules stay approachable for players of all experience levels.

⏲️ Mists Over Carcassonne has a playtime of about 30 minutes and remains steady regardless of the number of players, making it suitable for quick gaming sessions or family game nights. The cooperative gameplay experience feels fresh and engaging, with the ghost mechanics and the addition of mist-covered tiles creating a challenging puzzle that players must collaborate to solve. Mists Over Carcassonne can be played solo or with up to five players, offering a versatile option for a wide range of gaming groups.

🔄 This game has a high replay value due to its adjustable difficulty levels and cooperative element. Players will be eager to test their skills on the next level after a victory or retry a failed game to hone their strategies. Its cooperative nature makes it accessible to players of various ages and experience levels. The different difficulty levels allow the game to be tailored to each group’s preferences and skills, ensuring a fun and challenging experience for everyone. Additionally, Mists Over Carcassonne can be used as an expansion for the base Carcassonne game, providing even more replayability.

🏆 In conclusion, Mists Over Carcassonne breathes new life into a beloved classic by blending familiar gameplay with cooperative mechanics and a ghostly theme. This fresh take on Carcassonne stands on its own as a captivating experience, while also seamlessly integrating with the original game for those seeking added variety.

*Disclaimer: We received a review copy of the game from the publisher.

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