Mushroom Sorcerer

It’s time for the Great Sorcerer Tournament, where Sorcerers from all over Elementis get together and duel each other to determine who of them is the most powerful Sorcerer of the land.

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 45-90 minutes
Designer: Man Chi

Publisher: Headblown Studio

Mushroom Sorcerer is currently live on Kickstarter:

In Mushroom Sorcerer, each player takes on the role of one of those sorcerers and uses their knowledge of potions and sorcery to compete for this prestigious title. Players can win the game either with Forest Dominance by reaching 30 influence, or by Moons’ Blessing.
Each game round consists of 3 phases: first comes the Twilight phase, in which players select one of their potions to activate its ongoing effect for this round.
In the Night phase, which is the most important phase of the game, players perform actions allowing them to learn new spells, summon elements or go to war and attack an opponent. They can also spend drops to grow their GU towers, earning them points and advancing them on the corresponding tracks to gain the depicted bonuses. Aside from the flame, stone, water and thunder elements, players also can grow moon GU’s and try to win the game by Moon’s Blessing.
Third phase is the Daybreak, players now gain resources depending on their markers on the elemental tracks.
When a player has 30 influence or meets the Moon’s Blessing at the start of their turn, he or she wins the game.

At first, we were a bit worried the game might be a bit too gimmicky, but I must say that behind the gorgeous components there is an excellent game. It’s a medium weight game that comes with a clear rulebook and plays very smoothly, with the two different win conditions there’s always an intense race until the end. There’s a nice variety with different potions for each player for asymmetrical play and the different spells allow you to try out a different strategy every time.
We really enjoyed playing this prototype and we’re already looking forward to the final version!

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