My Little Scythe – Pie in the Sky

Return to Pomme to wander around the land and yet again collect the apples and gems to deliver to the castle, but beware of your opponents, as they will try to get you engaged in a huge pie fight!

1-6 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designers: Hoby & Vienna Chou
Artwork: Katie Khau

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

My Little Scythe shares its base mechanics with Scythe in terms of action selection and reaching goals which are the endgame trigger.
The base game comes with seven adventurous duos from different animal kingdoms roaming the realm of Pomme to collect apples, gems to deliver to the castle and to use for fulfilling quests, bake apple pies and build upgrades for their actions. Upgrades will help to move faster and provide better ratios when baking pies, making sure players have enough ammunition when engaging in a pie fight with their opponents.
The game ends when one player has completed 4 of the 8 different goals and put their trophies on them.

The Pie in the Sky expansion adds two extra Seeker duos with their own characteristics. From now on the airship Kai will hover over the kingdom providing each duo with a cargo hold to store their resources and a new kingdom specific ability when using the airship move action.
The expansion also comes with new quests, new upgrades and an extra trophy linked to the new airship. When playing with the expansion the game ends when one of the players has completed 5 instead of 4 goals.

This family-friendly version of Scythe is one of our most played games when we play with the kids, and there’s a slim chance we’ll play it without the Pie in the Sky expansion from now on.
The new miniatures look – just like the ones in the base game – adorable and the new airship brings a new dynamic to the game, since players share control and want to take their own advantage of it. This makes the game play a bit easier and faster, even with that extra required trophy.
The new rules are very simple to learn if you’re already familiar with the base game.
If you love to play My Little Scythe, the expansion is a must have!

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