Space Lane Trader

In Space Lane Trader, the year is 3018 and each player becomes the captain of a cargo ship that makes profitable trips between newly transformed planets by buying and selling goods there.

1-8 players, age 12+
Playing time: 90-120 minutes
Designer: Jesper Bennhult
Artwork: Aurelien Rantet

Publisher: Arctic Lynx Games

Space Lane Trader is launching on Kickstarter soon:

Every planet has its own supply and demand, so it’s up to you to figure out a route that will generate the most income for you.
Players can upgrade their ships by purchasing equipment that makes it faster, provides better defense or attack capabilities, or allows it to transport more cargo. If your ship no longer meets your expectations, you can buy a new, larger vessel that will make things run more efficiently.
Before you trade goods, you must purchase trade route permits, or you can refrain from doing so and smuggle goods at the risk of having your cargo seized when you run into customs.
Other players can also be an obstacle: when you’re located in the same spot, they can come and attack you, and possibly run off with some of your cargo.
If you don’t perform any other actions during your turn, you can spend experience to train your character’s skills and unlock bonuses and permanent abilities for the rest of the game.
In the end, the player who’s the first to succeed in accumulating 750,000 credits and safely return to his home planet will go down in history as the most successful Space Lane Trader!

Space Lane Trader pleasantly surprised us: the rules are very clear and after a few turns everything went smoothly. At its core, this is a pick-up and delivery, but more conflictual and there are certainly many more things than just this to think about in this game.
Each of the different characters has a special rule, as well as different advantages that can be unlocked by spending experience points, so the game will be slightly different every time you play.
Space Lane Trader can be played with up to 4 people, comes with a solo, team and campaign mode and if you combine 2 games, it’s also playable with up to 8 people.

If this sounds like a game you’d love to play, be sure to check out the campaign here:

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