1-4 players20-30 minutesDesigners: Romain Caterdjian & Anthony PeroneArtist: Alexandre Bonvalot Publisher: Sit Down!https://sitdown-games.com/ Dive deep and find the sacred stone thrown into the ocean by the elder of the tribe. By diving up the stone you’ll be the hero of the ocean during the summer solstice feast. Divers will have to be able to makeContinue reading “Dive”

Trek 12

Grab your hiking boots and backpack, because we’re making a trip to the Himalayas! In Trek 12, players go on an expedition to explore the area and discover new hiking trails to reach the summits! 1-50 players15-30 minutesDesigners: Bruno Cathala & Corentin LebratArtists: Jonathan Aucomte & Olivier Derouetteau Publisher: Geronimo Games (Originally published by LumberjacksContinue reading “Trek 12”


Oriflamme is a game of hidden roles, programming and hand management. The player who achieves the most influence for his family at the end of six rounds wins. 2-5 players*15-30 minutesDesigners: Adrien Hesling, Axel HeslingArtist: Tomasz Jedruszek Publisher: Geronimo Games (First published by Studio H)http://geronimogames.com/ The game is played over the course of 6 rounds,Continue reading “Oriflamme”