Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones

The Kingdom of Summer and The Winter Empire are both led by one wizard, but as he grows older and more tired, he could use some help. Therefore, he calls upon his new apprentices to lend him a hand. 1-4 players, ages 7+Playing time: 30-45 minutesDesigner: David CicurelArtwork: Mateusz Komada, Maryna Nesterova & Chanon TorncharoensriContinue reading “Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones”

Chronicles of Crime: 1900

During this newest installment in the Chronicles of Crime-series, you find yourself in France in the early 1900s, working as a journalist for one of the major newspapers. With your uncle being a police commissioner, you will help solve crimes like murders and thefts, and report back in time to your editor, so he canContinue reading “Chronicles of Crime: 1900”