Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones

The Kingdom of Summer and The Winter Empire are both led by one wizard, but as he grows older and more tired, he could use some help. Therefore, he calls upon his new apprentices to lend him a hand.

1-4 players, ages 7+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designer: David Cicurel
Artwork: Mateusz Komada, Maryna Nesterova & Chanon Torncharoensri

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

Kids Chronicles is a cooperative storytelling game in which players go on a quest to find the Moon Stones. In four chapters, everyone must work together to solve the puzzles and find the four magical Stones, which will unlock the final chapter of the story.
The game is guided by an app, which allows you to scan QR codes on both cards and the board to move your party around, and question characters in certain locations about objects you find or people you’re looking for. Each location opens with a 3D scene where you can search for items that may come in handy later in the chapter or for new characters present at that location. Players must help the characters in the story, discuss the possible options and connect the dots to find the missing link in the puzzle, ultimately receiving a Moon Stone as a reward.

Kids Chronicles is a ‘junior’ version of Chronicles of Crime, a game both my wife and I enjoy a lot. We think it’s great that we can now share this experience with the kids.
They really enjoyed looking around the 3D scenes and telling what they saw. Meanwhile, the other two looked through the objects and character cards to see if they could find what exactly the one with the tablet was talking about. It was fun to see how even the youngest was thinking about how to solve certain problems and where to go to find the necessary objects. And even though the story is not in their own language, using a parent as a real-time translating storyteller makes for a perfect afternoon of games with the kids.

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