Clever 4Ever

Clever 4Ever is the fourth installment in this popular line of roll & write games by designer Wolfgang Warsch, and it brings a few new twists to keep things interesting while staying true to its roots.

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designer: Wolfgang Warsh
Artwork: Leon Schiffer

Publisher: 999 Games

The game builds on the general principles that have made the Clever games so popular. As in previous versions, the active player rolls the dice three times, choosing one to keep each time and removing the lower dice from the pool. The remaining dice are then presented to the passive players for their use.

πŸ’‘ The primary novelty in Clever 4Ever comes in the form of a new ability. In addition to the reroll and extra die options, players now have access to a “silver platter” ability. This allows them to manipulate the dice left by the active player, increasing or decreasing the value by one for each platter they cross off, giving more flexibility.

🎲 Using the dice in Clever 4Ever follows the core principles established in the series. Blue and white dice are combined in the blue section, with the white die also serving as a wildcard that can be used on its own. Players cross off or write numbers in the various sections to complete rows or columns, unlocking bonuses or points depending on the section and creating a pleasing cascade effect.

Clever 4Ever comes to a close after 4, 5, or 6 rounds, depending on the number of players. Final scores are then calculated, with each section’s score tallied up. The lowest scoring section determines the value of any Fox bonuses that have been unlocked.

πŸ”„ Though the gameplay of Clever 4Ever remains largely similar to its predecessors, the new ways of filling sections and the addition of the silver platter ability offer a refreshing change. This keeps the game interesting, providing a fresh twist on the well-loved Clever system.

πŸ’­ Clever 4Ever is a worthy addition to the Clever series. The silver platter ability and new scoring methods enhance the game’s familiar core mechanics, ensuring that Clever 4Ever doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve enjoyed the previous games in the series or are simply looking for a new roll & write to add to your collection, be sure to give Clever 4Ever a try.

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