The annual jiggle-egg ritual is coming up and the Hagulaminapitopasi tribe is very excited. This means that the dodo bird is laying its egg. But as clumsy as it is, the bird always makes his nest on the top of the most steep mountain and often bumps the egg out of the nest.

2-4 players, ages 6+
Playing time: 10 minutes
Designers: Frank Bebenroth & Marco Teubner
Artwork: Cyril Bouquet, Paul Mafayon & Andreas Resch

Publisher: 999 Games

Players are members of the tribe working as fast as they can to catch the egg before it shatters to pieces on the mountainside. In turns, players roll the die and flip one of the construction tiles comparing it with the die. If the symbols match, the token is laid on the next bridge. If it doesn’t match, the tile is put back and all players try to remember what symbol was on it for further reference.
When the token completes the bridge’s construction site, players put the bridge on the mountainside, making sure the path for the rolling egg is secured. Racing against the egg, players try to build all six bridges and the boat dock so the egg can roll safely into the boat.
In this case players win the game. When things go terribly wrong, the egg falls and shatters on the rocks.

Dodo is a fun and a little bit chaotic game. Working together is the key to saving the dodo’s egg. Players can help the active player with remembering where certain tokens are around the island, putting away the tokens when a bridge is finished and passing the die as fast as they can.
If the players manage to save the egg fairly easily, a harder mode is available using the pirate slots. These open extra slots on the construction sites, so bridges and the boat dock need more construction tokens to be built.

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