Karrier is a 3-6 player pick up and deliver-game in which you’re competing to become the new king of Tyche. Over the course of the game players need to clear trash from their own territory on the game board, and be the first one to enter the Sacred Altar.

This game is now live on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/3Kz1uvB

3-6 players, age 14+
Playing time: 25-45 minutes
Designer: Joowon Park
Artwork: Junsung Won
Publisher: Flipbear Games

Every game turn starts by drawing a new action card from the deck, and loading as much trash onto your carriage card from your current location. You continue by moving your Karrier one step to a new location, where you must load one trash token when available. Then you may use action cards; these give you benefits but also allow you to mess with other players’ their plans. When a player enters the Sacred Altar with an empty Karrier and has no trash tokens in his home territory, the game ends and that player becomes the new King of Tyche!

Karrier comes with very straightforward gameplay – the meat of the game is in the action cards that allow you to thwart each other’s plans and the various mini-expansions that allow you to play differently every time. The game’s very easy to explain and plays very fast, we’ve played this with our kids and they didn’t have the slightest problem understanding the rules. There’s lots of variety here – some of our plays only lasted 3 rounds while others ended because of the action cards deck completely running out, which is the second trigger to end the game.
One minor issue for me is the dice tower that doesn’t fit in the box and needs to be assembled each time – then again, this is still a prototype copy and things might still change in the final production.

If you’re looking for a fun family game and aren’t afraid of games where players can sabotage their opponents, I can highly recommend you to check out Karrier! It’s live on Kickstarter right now: http://kck.st/3Kz1uvB

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