Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy

2-4 players, ages 6+
Playing Time: 20 minutes
Designer: Andreas Wilde
Artwork: JocArt

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

Strange noises are coming from Grandpa’s attic and curious as you are, you go to investigate. After you climb the stairs and open the door, you see a bunch of colorful monsters running around the room. They seem friendly but above all very hungry and they will eat anything, at least anything that has a color similar to their own fur. They love sweets, but have an aversion to anything healthy with lots of vitamins.

Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy is a cooperative card game in which players work together to feed objects to an increasing number of monsters in each new round. Players need to discuss what colors and types of cards they hold on hand – without showing them to each other – that possibly match the color of the monster in front of them, sometimes combining two completely wrong colors to get the asked one in the end. For example, you can combine a dark blue, yellow and white object to feed a light green monster.

This game is a hybrid game, which means it uses an app to guide players through the game and calculate the outcome of the color cards fed to the monsters through the QR code at the back of the card. Depending on the difficulty, the fault tolerance will be smaller and the colour needs to be more exact.
When playing the game in story mode, more areas and corresponding objects will be unlocked as well as extra special abilities on certain cards that help you to get rid of negative effects.

The app comes with a tutorial so you can start to play immediately, without reading any rules, and its interface is very user-friendly. This is lots of fun to play both for kids and parents, the kids just enjoy feeding the monsters and at the same time, they learn how to mix colors in a very original way!

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