The Vampires

As a vampire hunter, you are called upon to Transylvania to battle the most feared mythical creatures who live there!

2-6 players, ages 6+
Playing time: 15 minutes
Designer: Manuel Rubio Gimenez

Artwork: Wedoo Studio

Publisher: Jumbo

The game starts by giving each player 5 cards, and placing 4 vampire cards face up in the middle of the table.
On your turn, you play a card with the matching color next to a vampire, and when a vampire already has 4 matching cards next to it, you can defeat it by playing the corresponding weapon.
Some of the cards allow you to take actions:

  • Garlic cards cause the next player to miss a turn
  • Mirror cards allow you to swap your remaining cards with another player
  • Coffin cards will wake up a new vampire
  • Bite cards remove all cards lying around a vampire

When defeating a vampire, the person who played the weapon collects the vampire card, and gains the 1-4 points shown on him. The first player to collect 6 points will be declared the terror of all vampires!

The Vampires is a fast-paced card game that comes with quality cards showing nice artwork. The rules are very well written and easy to grasp.
Most of the time you’ll depend on the luck of the draw, and the cards that other players play in order to thwart you. I think this is a game clearly aimed at families who play occasionally, and the vampires don’t look that scary which makes this also a perfect game to play with kids.
More experienced players will find The Vampires way too luck dependent with the actions other players can take against you, and there’s absolutely no way to plan ahead.
As I mentioned before, every game will have its audience, but clearly this time I’m not part of it.

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