Let’s get crafty! The yarn fair is starting and there’s a friendly competition between crafters. Shop for yarn at the bazaar, learn new patterns, craft items to complete projects and fulfill special requests made by the visitors of the fair!

2-4 players
30-45 minutes
Designers: Adam McCrimmon & Jordan Miller
Artist: Rochelle Steder

Publisher: XYZ Game Labs

In ArchRavels, players take turns by moving their marker to one of 4 possible action spaces on their player board. These actions will allow them to go to the bazaar and collect yarn, exchange yarn tokens to another colour, or craft items; each board also comes with a unique fourth option, offering a special ability or a combination of different actions.

The pattern tiles on your board determine which colours you need to craft a specific item, and by turning back in such an item, you may flip that tile, not only giving you points, but also removing the colour requirements when you craft the item further on. After all, you were able to learn the pattern, so future attempts should go a lot easier (:

When shopping for new yarn in the bazaar, you may encounter customers with special requests, earning you points when you manage to fulfill their wishes by creating what they’re asking for. And then there’s also the project list, allowing you to earn even more points by returning the items shown on the project card. Each game starts with an amount of projects depending on the number of players, and when the project deck is empty, this will also trigger the end of the game. Players calculate their score by tallying up the points on their items, projects, requests and learned patterns, minus leftover yarn and unfinished requests, and the player with the most points wins the game!

As you can see in the pictures, the production quality of ArchRavels is stellar: I just love those custom wooden tokens and the GameTrayz insert the game comes with is one of the best inserts I’ve seen so far. The artwork is gorgeous and very colorful, which surely is a perfect fit for this game.

The game itself is very easy to explain with simple rules and quick turns, even my 8 year old daughter, being very fond of the theme, could join us when playing! 

If you’re on the lookout for an excellent gateway game with a unique theme that’s also perfect to attract new people to the hobby, then make sure to check out ArchRavels.

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