Trekking Through History

Step into the time machine for a journey through history! In Trekking Through History, players embark on a three-day journey that takes them past the greatest moments of the past thousands of years! 2-4 players, ages 10+Playing time: 30-60 minutesDesigner: Charlie BinkArtwork: Eric Hibbeler Publisher: Underdog Games The game is played in three rounds withContinue reading “Trekking Through History”

Glen More II: Chronicles

In Glen More II: Chronicles, players become leaders of a Scottish clan, trying to become the most successful one. By planting meadows for their cattle, cutting wood, chipping stone, growing crops and brewing whisky, they try to increase their territory and thus their status in the Scottish Highlands. 2-4 players, ages 12+Playing time: 90-120 minutesDesigner:Continue reading “Glen More II: Chronicles”