Wanderlust: Discover the World

Are you feeling wanderlust? Do you yearn for adventure and the excitement of exploring new destinations? Look no further than Wanderlust: Discover the World, the new offering from indie board game publisher Pektis Studio. 2-5 players, ages 10+Playing time: 60 minutesDesigners: Mahmoud Abdelwahab & Julian AslehArtwork: Xue Cui Publisher: Pektis Studiohttps://www.pektis.com/ Wanderlust: Discover the WorldContinue reading “Wanderlust: Discover the World”


Each player takes the role of a member of the powerful Stroganov family. In all four rounds of play, you travel further and further east into Siberia, exploring the land on the hunt for fur and establishing outposts. 1-4 players, age 12+Playing time: 90 minutesDesigner: Andreas StedingArtwork: Maciej Janik Publisher: Game Brewer (NL/FR retail versionContinue reading “Stroganov”