Lost Explorers

Clues leading to the secret entrance of the lost world have been hidden all around the world! Your task is to lead an expedition in uncovering them, by finding means of transportation and sending your team to the locations on your missions. The first player who finds all four clues, discovers the entrance and winsContinue reading “Lost Explorers”


Did you enjoy playing a lot of memory games in your childhood? Then allow me to introduce you to the colourful Barakka: a fun and quick card game based on memory! 1-2 players15-20 minutesDesigner: Péter SzöllősiArtist: Feyér Ákos Publisher: Vagabundhttps://vagabundpublisher.com/ In Barakka, the goal is to collect sequential numbers of each type of card, whileContinue reading “Barakka”

Chai: Tea for 2

Set up your own personal tea plantation and run it as smoothly as possible in order to fulfill ship cards and become the best tea merchant! 1-2 players30-45 minutesDesigners: Dan Kazmaier, Connie KazmaierArtists: Andrew Bosley, Mary Haasdyk, Sahana VJ Publisher: Steeped Gameshttps://steepedgames.com/ During setup, players agree on the ship goal: this will determine whether theContinue reading “Chai: Tea for 2”

The Specialists

Assemble your own gang of specialists in order to rob casinos, banks and jewelries all around the world! 1-4 players60 minutesDesigners: Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini, Dimitri Perrier, Anne-Catherine PerrierArtist: Christine Alcouffe Publisher: Explor8https://explor8.com/ You start your turn by drafting one of the available dice from the dice pool. With those dice, you’re able to recruitContinue reading “The Specialists”

Skyline Express

All aboard! The Skyline Express is leaving for its maiden voyage and people will start boarding soon. As a train manager, your task is that everything runs smoothly and every passenger finds its right spot in your carriages, keeping in mind every passenger has its own preferences. 1-4 players30-60 minutesDesigners: Michał Jagodziński & Kamil LangieArtist:Continue reading “Skyline Express”