Art Robbery

In Art Robbery, you and your opponents are part of a group of thieves who, after a successful robbery of the Great Museum of Art, now have to divide the loot among themselves. 2-5 players, age 8+Playing time: 20 minutesDesigner: Reiner KniziaArtwork: Petra Eriksson Publisher: Helvetiq Over the course of 4 rounds, the different typesContinue reading “Art Robbery”


Join your fellow wizards and witches around the legendary Witchstone! In an event that only takes place once every 100 years, you’ll be regenerating its energy field by using spells and rituals, and strengthen your own magic powers! 2-4 players, ages 12+Playing time: 60-90 minutesDesigners: Martino Chiacchiera & Reiner KniziaArtwork: Mariusz Gandzel Publisher: HUCH! AtContinue reading “Witchstone”

Lost Cities: Roll & Write

Roll your way through the jungle and prove you’re the most skilled expedition leader! 2-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigner: Reiner KniziaArtist: Bernd Wagenfeld Publisher: KOSMOS At the start of the game, each player receives a score sheet with 8 columns: an artefact column, a dice column and one column for each of theContinue reading “Lost Cities: Roll & Write”

Schotten Totten 2

One player, the cook, has to try to breach the castle wall, while the other player, the chicken, bravely tries to defend it. 2 players, ages 8+Playing time: 20 minutesDesigner: Reiner KniziaArtist: Jean-Baptiste Reynaud Publisher: IELLO Schotten Totten 2 comes with very straightforward rules: basically, on your turn you play a card, and draw aContinue reading “Schotten Totten 2”

Royal Visit

Prestige awaits! As the King is making a visit to your area, it seems the perfect opportunity for you to invite him over to your castle. Unfortunately, your opponent thinks the same way, so your task will be to convince his Majesty and his Court to visit your Chateau, to the displeasure of your neighbour!Continue reading “Royal Visit”