6th Sense

A trick-taking game with a twist: players will have to predict how many tricks they’ll win, keeping in mind some of the cards provide special actions! 2-6 players, ages 10+30 minutesDesigner: Robert Brouwer Publisher: Jumbohttps://www.jumbo.eu/en/ What’s a trick-taking game? Each round, after players receive their hand of cards, the top card of the deck isContinue reading “6th Sense”

How to Rob a Bank

Prepare yourself for a heist! In ‘How to Rob a Bank’, one player (the bank) will compete against the robbers, who’re joining forces to try to get away with the loot.  2-4 players, ages 10+30 minutesDesigners: Prospero Hall Publisher: Jumbohttps://www.jumbo.eu/en/ How to Rob a Bank is played over the course of 3 rounds, and withContinue reading “How to Rob a Bank”

Bellum Magica

In Bellum Magica each player is an evil lord, recruiting creatures and assigning them tasks like exploring for resources or attacking the human kingdom and other players. Each lord tries to expand his kingdom and become the most powerful and rich lord of all times! 2-5 players, ages 10+15-30 minutesDesigner: Frédéric GuérardArtist: Sylvain Aublin Publisher:Continue reading “Bellum Magica”


1-4 players20-30 minutesDesigners: Romain Caterdjian & Anthony PeroneArtist: Alexandre Bonvalot Publisher: Sit Down!https://sitdown-games.com/ Dive deep and find the sacred stone thrown into the ocean by the elder of the tribe. By diving up the stone you’ll be the hero of the ocean during the summer solstice feast. Divers will have to be able to makeContinue reading “Dive”

Danger Park

In Danger Park players are investors, building rides and attracting visitors for their amusement park. But during the game the rides will collect danger tokens, forcing them to close down. The goal is to have earned the most money before the park is shut down because of too many incidents! 2-4 players45 minutesDesigners: Jono NaitoContinue reading “Danger Park”


Flourish is the latest game from the people who created Everdell, and when this one appeared on Kickstarter last year, we were immediately drawn by its beautiful artwork! 1-7 players20-60 minutesDesigners: James A. Wilson & Clarissa A. WilsonArtists: April Borchelt, Dann May, Christina Qi & Naomi Robinson Publisher: Starling Gameshttps://www.starling.games/ Over the course of 4Continue reading “Flourish”

Sherwood Bandits

You are looking up against Robin Hood and his Merry Men and want to join their crew, but they only take in the best. It’s up to you to prove you have the best band of bandits in the woods! 2-4 players30-40 minutesDesigner: Luca RicciArtist: Simone de Paolis Publisher: Ludus Magnus Studiohttps://bit.ly/LMSSherwoodBandits During the game,Continue reading “Sherwood Bandits”


Let’s get crafty! The yarn fair is starting and there’s a friendly competition between crafters. Shop for yarn at the bazaar, learn new patterns, craft items to complete projects and fulfill special requests made by the visitors of the fair! 2-4 players30-45 minutesDesigners: Adam McCrimmon & Jordan MillerArtist: Rochelle Steder Publisher: XYZ Game Labshttps://xyzgamelabs.com/ InContinue reading “ArchRavels”


Oriflamme is a game of hidden roles, programming and hand management. The player who achieves the most influence for his family at the end of six rounds wins. 2-5 players*15-30 minutesDesigners: Adrien Hesling, Axel HeslingArtist: Tomasz Jedruszek Publisher: Geronimo Games (First published by Studio H)http://geronimogames.com/ The game is played over the course of 6 rounds,Continue reading “Oriflamme”

Lost Explorers

Clues leading to the secret entrance of the lost world have been hidden all around the world! Your task is to lead an expedition in uncovering them, by finding means of transportation and sending your team to the locations on your missions. The first player who finds all four clues, discovers the entrance and winsContinue reading “Lost Explorers”