Ready Set Bet

Horse racing, a centuries-old sport with roots tracing back to ancient civilizations, has long been a popular form of entertainment and gambling. From the chariot races of ancient Rome to the prestigious Kentucky Derby, the thrill of watching horses compete has captivated audiences worldwide. As someone who doesn’t have a particular affinity for horse racing,Continue reading “Ready Set Bet”


Your goal in TEN is to collect different sets of consecutive numbers. At the end of the game, you’ll receive one point for each card in your longest sequence in each of the four colours, and when you manage to complete a set from 1 to 9, you’ll get an additional point for that colour.Continue reading “TEN”

Whirling Witchcraft

Being a witch and brewing potions can be a lot of fun, but practicing powerful magic can also be very dangerous. It seems witches can only use so much power until everything blows up in their face. 2-5 players, age 14+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigner: Erik Andersson SundénArtwork: Luis Francisco & Weberson Santiago Publisher: Alderac EntertainmentContinue reading “Whirling Witchcraft”